If you’re searching for sleep apnoea solutions it might surprise you to find out that there are a number of lifestyle changes you can adopt to improve your condition. Let’s investigate sleep apnoea treatments and the coping mechanisms that are available.


But First – What Is Sleep Apnoea?

When you have sleep apnoea, you stop breathing for intervals of time while you are asleep. As a result, you do not absorb enough oxygen, which can cause you to gasp and wake up. In many cases, the person doesn’t realise they have stopped breathing or that they have woken up. Rather, they wake up the next morning feeling unrested. What’s more, if you don’t treat sleep apnoea it can lead to more serious complications like a heightened risk of heart failure, poor immunity, memory loss and mental health problems.

The most common sleep apnoea treatments include surgery, medication and breathing devices that can be worn while you are asleep.

Making Lifestyle Changes To Manage Sleep Apnoea


Lose some weight

Generally, people with sleep apnoea need to lose weight, as obesity can make your nasal passages narrower and cause your airways to collapse. Losing weight can make the difference between needing surgery or CPAP therapy for the long term.

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Get some exercise

Exercise that improves respiratory strength and oxygen flow can strengthen your heart and improve oxygen saturation. This could change the number of interruptions you have in your sleep.


Change your sleeping position

Sleeping on your back is known to exacerbate apnoeic symptoms, and sleeping on your side is recommended for adults.


Try a humidifier

By adding moisture to the air you breathe, you can keep your airways more open, improve congestion and improve breathing.  


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